How are visits organised?

All penitentiary institutions grant lengthy visits, while short visits are granted and conducted on working days from 10:00 to 17:00. At least one short visit per month, for up to four hours, is granted to close relatives or others. At least one lengthy visit is granted every two months — for up to three days — with the right to stay together and for meeting close relatives only. A lengthy visit is also granted for meeting the person not married to the convict but having a common child with the convict.

At least three short visits and one lengthy visit per year are granted to persons sentenced to imprisonment for a certain period or to life imprisonment for having committed a particularly grave crime. This restriction is eliminated, if the convict has actually served the punishment — the term set for granting release on parole, according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.

A necessary condition for granting a visit to a detained person or convict is the consent of the detained person or convict and the identification document, attached to the application, of the person having requested the visit, and for a lengthy visit — also proof of the right to reside with him or her in the past, as well as the existence of documents attesting to the blood relationship or kinship of the detained person or convict with the child.

Maximum three adults and five minors are allowed to pay a visit at the same time with a detained person. A convict serving his or her sentence in a closed, semi-closed or semi-open institution may be allowed to pay a visit at the same time with not more than three adults in case of a short visit, and in case of a lengthy visit — with not more than two adults, who may be accompanied by minor siblings, children and grandchildren of the convict.