What is the procedure for granting deliveries?

We inform that, starting from 11 March 2016, the process of transmitting parcels, deliveries and packages to detained persons and convicts on-line will be launched as prescribed by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia and within the scope of systemic reforms taking place within the Penitentiary Service.

From this point forth, interested persons may carry out the act of transferring deliveries without visiting penitentiary institutions by visiting the official website of the Penitentiary Service at www.ced.am.

You can receive necessary information about the method of making an on-line order by visiting the website (www.ced.am).

We also inform that the on-line order service will be initially provided only for detained persons and convicts being kept within the “Armavir” Penitentiary Institution.

A detained person may receive up to seventy kilograms of deliveries in the course of one month. Detained persons may receive deliveries as a whole or in parts, according to the established amount.

The parcels, deliveries and packages addressed to a detained person or convict are accepted from the close relatives of the detained person or convict, and in case of being addressed by other persons — they are only accepted in case of written consent of the detained person or convict.

Deliveries are accepted according to the sequence of visits of visitors.

The person bringing a delivery completes and signs the standard application form in two copies. The two copies of the application form and the identification document of the person bringing the delivery are submitted to the relevant officer of an institution. The administration of an institution records the deliveries.

Parcels, deliveries and packages are opened, and the ingredients thereof are examined by the officer of the institution in the presence of the person who has brought them. During examination, the types and quantity of the objects and foodstuffs existing in the parcel, delivery or package are compared with the types and quantity specified in the application form.